The Best Spectrum Tunable LED Grow Light in 2021

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Enhance Your Plant Growth with Less Energy

Full spectrum with enhanced red for full cycle growth.

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To accomplish more with less

Beam angle adjustable, more convenient for plant growing in tent.

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The Best LED Grow Lights for Commercial Growers

Medic Grow LEDs are the best grow lights made to replace 1000 watt HID light fixtures. They are engineered to meet the needs of large-scale commercial operations.

We use Samsung LED chips with the highest efficiency on the market, providing high PAR readings with an even and efficient distribution of strength across the plants' canopy.

As a commercial grower, you want to fully control your lights and also have the ability to scale up. Our lights can be controlled via a controller and daisy-chained from 2 -100 lights.

The controller uses an easy AJ connection designed to allow you to create a simple overview of your entire operation and full control of your lights.

The Best LED Grow Lights For Home Growers

Medic Grow plant growing lights are also suitable for hobby growth. The size of the lights perfectly fits in an indoor 4x4 grow tent. All grow lights provide the indoor plants with the lighting they need at all stages of growth.

Unlike the traditional grow fixtures which only have blue and red monochromatic LEDs, our full-spectrum LED grow lights will typically provide plants with a balanced "diet" of different wavelengths. And the spectrum has been perfectly formulated and tested to give the best results while offering awesome power for high yields.

The Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

We offer the best full spectrum LED grow lights that covers 5X5 growing area for both vegetative and flowering stage. Our grow lights closely resemble light from the sun and are efficiently optimized within 400 to 700 nanometer PAR spectrum to drive higher yields, and better quality for your plants.

If you have specific requirements that need to be handled, we can help. We have a research wing where our professional lighting engineers and designers could assist transforming your custom growing ideas into innovative grow lights.

Check out our newly-launched grow light:

Let customers speak for us

Thanks so much for the great service! I used to replace HPS. After I use this light, it helped my baby grow faster and flower bigger with more Sugar on. I recommend this light to my friend . He got stronger crops than before. Truly appreciate the light. I'm sure it's my top reordering light.

I have been running these lights for 20 hours a day since I got them weeks ago and let me tell you they are absolutely amazing! My plants love these lights and I've only got them at 40% power still.

As far as the customer service, they are amazing people and they went above and beyond to meet my exact needs. we may be on other sides of the world but it sure didn't seem like it! I will be a repeat customer for sure as I expand the grow this year. So hey if you are looking for some new grow lights for indoor plants, look no further I promise you will not be disappointed.

Really awesome flower!!!! Gosh!!! I'm here to rebuy this light. Cannot believe I can have these great lights in this low price. I'll purchase more, I am sure about that!!!!

I was skeptical but it turned out this is the best LED Grow Light combination I have owned

we received a sample and have to say its a great light. We checked the ppfs reading and the spread is amazing. great buy for the price!!

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