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Mini Sun-2 New Arrival-Medic Grow LED Grow Light

new mini sun-2 wattage guess

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Medic Grow MINI SUN-2 Compact Full Cycle LED Grow Light for Rack / Grow Tent - Powerful PPFD, 150W/240W/320W Covers 2x2,2.5x2.5,3x3 , Built-in Timer, LCD Display, 0-10V Dimming, Daisy Chain, Heat Dissipation
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Description Medic Grow MINI SUN-2 Compact High Efficacy Full Cycle LED Grow Light The MINI SUN-2, a compact high efficacy full cycle LED grow light ideal for use on racks or in small growing tents. Top Brand WHITE LEDs & OSCRM RED LEDs allow...
Medic Grow Smart 8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light - 760w, High PPFD, Tunable Spectrum,Built-in Timer, Sunrise / Sunset, Onboard Dimming, AC 110-277V
Description Smart -8 Medic Grow Full Spectrum 760W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Be smart about your choice! Meet the foldable Smart 8 that is designed specifically for high PPFD cultivation practices in growing. Smart 8 760 watt is built usi...
Medic Grow Spectrum Y LED Grow Light - Full Spectrum, 880 Watt, Daisy Chain, UV+IR And More
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Description Spectrum Y LED Grow Light For Spectrum Y, everything is exactly the same except that spectrum Y doesn't have LCD display. The fixture can not be used separately, it has to go with Spectrum X.  Click here to view Spectrum X light. It al...