Product and Service FAQ

1. What Payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal and credit cards. For bulk orders, we use bank transfers. Contact us if you are a commerical grower.

2. I Can Not Use My Discount Code While Paying via Credit Card?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We will have to accept the full payment in advance and the system will automatically refund the partial refund of the discount to your account soon.

3. How much is shipping cost?

We provide Continental USA local delivery free of charge.

4. How long does the shipment take to arrive?

For USA domestic shipment , it takes 3 to 7 days, with to door service.

For international shipment, it depends on the shipping company you choose.

5. Do I have to pay import/sales tax?

No need, we take care of that for you.

6. Can I get a refund on damaged goods?

If goods are damaged or malfunction, whether bought in-store or online, you are entitled to a refund. We will send you a guidance to complete the refund procedure which requiring some information of the order and the goods, including the order number, lot number, pictures and video clips of the goods you purchase. 

7. Are your LEDs full spectrum?

Yes, all of our lights are full spectrum.

8. What kind of LED diodes do you use?

Different light fixtures have different diode recipe, please check the specifications for the light you are looking for. Or you can contact us by email.

9. What’s the life-span of your lights?

Our lights have at least >50,000hrs lifespan.

10. Do the light comes with a lighting controller?

No, the controller needs to be purchased separately. You may contact order the lighting controller on our site directly.

11. Can your lights be daisy chained?

If you are asking about Daisy Chained by signal cable, most of our lights can be daisy-chained by RJ-11/RJ-12 cable. But regarding the Smart 8/ Spectrum X, it's designed for home growers who don't want
to buy an extra controller, both lights are built-in a control system into the light fixtures , so these two lights are not recommended to be daisy-chained . 

If you are asking about Daisy Chained by power cord , only our Fold 800/ Fold 1200 can be daisy chained by power cord. 

12. Can you send me detailed specification of your lights?

Yes we would like to, please email us at We will reply in 24 hours.

13. Is your LEDs UL/ETL/DLC/CE certified? can you send me the certification test report?

Different Lights have different certification status. Fold 8 & Spectrum Y is ETL/DLC certified.

14. Can I have my LOGO printed on the body of the light / package?

Yes, but there is a MOQ request, please contact us at

15. Can you make the light to 1000 watt?

Yes, our product Ez-8 is a 1000W LED grow light.

16. Can you offer me a best price?

The price online is the best price we can offer. You are welcomed to join our referral program for 5% discount if your friend/family buy from Medic Grow.

17. What’s the warranty policy?

We offer 5-year warranty for all the light fixtures we sell.

18. Can you drop-ship for me?

Yes absolutely, we can dropshipping for you without displaying our name and brand.

19. Can Smart 8 and Spectrum X be daisy-chained?

Yes, after daisy-chaining, only dimming can be synchronized, UV/IR BAR and timer functions can't be synchronized.

20. Where is your office and warehouse?

Our office is located in Los Angeles, California. And we have multiple warehouses in USA, including Los Angeles, Oklahoma City.

21. Can your lights work with Trolmaster controller?

Except Spectrum Y/Spectrum X/Smart 8/ Neo 780, rest of the lights theoretically can work with Trolmaster's controller, but you will need to get an extra adapter from Trolmaster between the lights and the controller. 

22. Can you give me a list of your lights which can be controlled by GLC-1?

Yes. The following lights can work with GLC-1 perfectly: Fold 6/Fold 8/Ez 8/MINI-SUN-2 series/Fold 800/Fold 1200.

23. Can you give me a list of your lights which can be controlled by TSC-2?

All of our lights can work with TSC-2, but only Spectrum Y and Spectrum X have full access of all TSC-2 features, such as Spectrum-Switch, UV/IR bar control.

24. Can I use Spectrum X to control Fold 8 / EZ 8/MINI SUN/Fold 800?

Spectrum X has can only work with Spectrum Y , both have 3 channel control (the white diodes/Red Diodes/ UV&IR diodes), meanwhile Fold 8 / EZ 8/MINI SUN/Fold 800 only got one channel control. 

So to answer your question: yes an external controller such as our GLC-1 is necessary in this case. 

25. Can I use one controller to control EZ8 /FOLD 8/MINI SUN/FOLD800 at the same time?

Yes, Ez-8/Fold-8/MINI SUN-2/Fold-800 can be controlled by same controller at the same time, because all of them are one channel control .
And these lights can not work with Smart 8, Spectrum X/ Spectrum Y, because Smart 8 has two channel control(the white diode & red diode), Spectrum X/ Spectrum Y have three channel control  (the white diodes/Red Diodes/ UV&IR diodes).

26. I am a influencer/affiliate/grow master, can I get a light to test?

Hi there , yes we can provide you a free light to test and review, before that , could you please give us your social media information for us to evaluate? or you can send an email to, our
manager will write back.

27. Can you do drop-shipping?

Yes, we have drop-shipping program, for detailed information, please leave us your email or phone number, our sales rep will contact you. Thanks.

28. I want to know about my order status, tracking number. 

Thanks for purchasing Medic Grow's products! Please click on ORDER TRACKING to view your order shipping information. Generally orders are shipped within 48 hours, if the order is shipped overtime, you can contact us by mail service email, thank you.