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Medic Grow allows you to make payments using PayPal, Stripe and bank transfer.

If Paypal is available in your country, you can use Paypal. You need to create an Paypal account and then connect it to your bank account via your debit card or credit card. For more information, please visit: www.paypal.com

We've also teamed up with Stripe so you can easily pay your order online via credit card or debit card. For more information, please visit: www.stripe.com

For bulk order over $10,000, we will only accept bank transfer.

You need to pay by bank transfer via your bank. Please submit a full payment in advance. There are no hidden or extra fees. The total you must pay is outlined when you create a transaction. The only exception would be if your bank normally charges you some handling fee to make payments.

We will email you once we receive the funds and please don't forget to make a comment of your order number when you're making a payment. Thank you!