Medic Grow LED Grow Lights Reviews

Medic Grow LED Grow Lights Reviews

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Easy assembly and great coverage. At 40% power it’s plenty for my veggies and only using 367 watts which is less than half of what my fluorescents were using for the same coverage

Happy customer

Lights came in discreet box and earlier than expected. Very satisfied with lights and my plants love them too! Highly recommend and will purchase again.

Very Happy

Ez-8 light came fast and the free shipping is the best. The light works well and have yet to turn it to 100%.

Nice light

It's a good working like plants are thriving with better par coverage I couldn't be happier

First time user

This my first go with LED's , always used HPS but I'm glad I changed, my veggies are loving it.


Been using couple weeks now paired with 2 spectrum y's.... couldn't be easier. Connection was automatic, features are easy to use and learn. Sunset/sunrise options along with different cycle options built in...only thing I'd like to see in the future if possible would be a multi timer setting for uv/ir, so I could have it come on for small intervals over the 12-hour cycle if I wanted to.

If your thinking about it, just buy it

Purchased two of these along with wireless controller. I went back and forth between the hlg scorpion and these lights for a while trying to figure out which to buy.... I'm glad I went with these. For the price point you can't beat these..the quality of the light is on point, the wireless self meshes for a headache free hookup...the fact that the uv/ir bars come with the light (not separate like the hlg's) sold me on this....I put these in a ac infinity 8x4...18 inches from canopy with reds up but light dimmed to 80% and getting a even canopy par of low 900's corners 725...this thing is definitely capable of 1200-1500 par at 100% slightly lowered evenly ( if running co2)

Get you one of these!

Got this thing for a 4x2. Started using 2 weeks into flower (auto's). Way powerful, Got power set at 60% almost to the top if my 6' tall tent. Buds are stacking and smell great. Co2 is definitely needed with this light but worth it. Can't wait to start some photos. Only con is I have a 4" exhaust and it's not enough for the heat from this light with a homemade exhaust fan. Love this light A++

Awesome light

The light came perfectly packages with no damage. You cant beat the price of these lights. Especially with the discount code in this video. YouTube video placeholder
Medic grow fold 6

Medic grow fixed my order and made things right. Customer service was awesome in resolving the issue. My light came in almost bullet proof packaging and was quick on the shipping.
Thank you again medic grow. Ill be using you again in the near future

Go for it!

1st time my tent has full coverage .
Just started so far so good I got the fold 6 only because I have little funds to work with if you can afford it just go for the fold 8 like I will next time.

Fold 6

Medic grow came through with fixing my order and im very happy with the customer service with doing so promptly.
The light came in almost bullet proof packaging and no visible markings of the package containing a light.
Thank you again medic grow. I will be using you again in the future

High quality

I've had this light only for a few weeks but it's blown away my expectations. I love the built in timer and its simplicity. This like makes other lights in its price range look like toys.

Good light no timer instructions

Would like some info on the timer function no info at all

Awesome Grow light

I purchased the Min Sun 150W model and it's an awesome light due to its ease of setup and build in timer. I am pleased with its performance and I plan to buy the Fold-8 model for my 4x4 tent.
Thank you Medic Grow.

Beautiful Light

I bought this light for a personal 4x4 grow space due to its phenomenal efficacy. Though I haven't had much experience with it, save for a few days, all I can say is so far, so good. The light is built well and looks sleek. My plants seem to be loving the new flowering spectrum. I have no doubts about this lights capability and would gladly recommend it for both personal use and, due to the build quality and efficiency, for commercial grows as well.

Well worth it

The Medic Grow Spectrum X LED light is a top-of-the-line lighting solution for indoor gardening. This grow light is designed to provide plants with the optimal spectrum of light for photosynthesis and growth, which is critical for achieving maximum yields and plant health.

One of the standout features of the Medic Grow Spectrum X LED light is its full-spectrum design. This light provides plants with a range of wavelengths, including blue, red, and white light, which helps to promote healthy growth and development throughout all stages of plant growth.

The Spectrum X LED light also features high-quality LED diodes, which provide a high level of energy efficiency and longevity. This means that the light will last for many years without needing to be replaced, which is a significant benefit for any indoor gardener.

Another great feature of the Spectrum X LED light is its adjustable output. This allows you to control the intensity of the light, which is particularly useful for different stages of plant growth. You can use this feature to provide your plants with the ideal level of light for their specific needs, which can help to optimize growth and yields.

Overall, the Medic Grow Spectrum X LED light is a top-performing grow light that is well-suited for indoor gardening. Its full-spectrum design, high-quality LED diodes, adjustable output and uv/ir make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to achieve maximum plant health and yields.

Awesome light great price

This light is amazing and the price can’t be beat. I’m definitely getting a second one.

Great light

After a few problems initially with my shipment, MedicGrow fixed the problem over the weekend and had the light to me Monday. Great product. Wish the timer could be paused for waterings but will be great when u have auto watering set up.

Recommend emailing or live chat vs. phone support.

V1 spectrum works very well.

You really can't go wrong with this for a 4x4 area

Mini Sun 320

Great light and great build. Also have the smart 8. Looking forward to getting more of the medic grow lights in the future

Very nice for the price

Just fired her up. I like everything so far as well as the timers. I don't have any grow results yet. As far as hanging, use a stand or get someone to help. It can be done alone but a little tricky. The timers will work on and off. This is not explained anywhere as the only instructions that came with it were for hanging. Thank me later because nobody has the answer to that question I found out.

Medic grow spectrum x

This light is awesome just been a week and the girls love it medic grow has some of the best lights out here team medic grow 💯 YouTube video placeholder