LED Grow Light Giveaway: Which is the best LED grow light for beginners? Medic Grow Mini Sun-2 v.s. Mars Hydro TS 1000

Medic Grow's Mini Power giveaway is giving out 2 pcs of Mini Sun-2, one is 240W and the other 150W. The giveaway is open till April 10. You can find the entrance below the review.

Speaking of low wattage LED grow lights, they are especially popular among beginners: the upfront cost is lower, and the smaller coverage makes it much easier to take care of the plants. At the 150W level, Medic Grow Mini Sun-2 and Mars Hydro TS 1000 are the most compared pair. Today, let's take a look at the most important specs and hopefully settle the case once and for all.


Mini Sun-2 150W

TS 1000 150W

Price ($)



PPF (μmol/s)





Power-off  Memory





Harvest Potential (oz.)



*The harvest potential data comes from LED grow light expert Dr. MJ Coco.

The price of Mini Sun-2 is a little higher, which makes sense because it outperforms TS 1000 in every way.

Let's look at specs important to user-friendliness. They both has a dimmer on board. But Mini Sun-2 has a timer with which you can set a cycle, so you don't have to turn it on and off manually everyday or go through the trouble of setting up an external timer. And you can easily keep track of the time with the LCD screen on Mini Sun-2. Also, if the electricity supply in your neighborhood isn't always perfect, the power-off memory can come very handy in protecting your plants from frying.

But the most important spec has to be the PPF because it relates directly to your yield. The PPF of the 150W version Mini Sun-2 is 420μmol/s, which is 22.4% higher than that of TS 1000. The estimated yield of Mini Sun-2 is, in average, 25.7% higher than that of TS 1000. And the minimum estimated yield of Mini Sun-2 is almost as much as the maximum of TS 1000. It's an astonishing gap between two models of the same wattage!

Which of the two models is the best LED grow light for beginners? I'm sure you already have the answer. And now, you have a chance of taking it home for free. Enter the Mini Power giveaway and win a Mini Sun-2!