Medic Grow HIGH NOON LED Grow Light

High Noon, High Growth

High Noon Light, Medic Grow

You may not be a sun worshipper but your plants love themselves a sunbath, ideally under high noon as photosynthesis is strongest during midday.

Two major factors are at play when it comes to photosynthesis rate. The more obvious one is light intensity.

  • The PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) value can reach somewhere around 2000μmol·m−2·s−1
  • The other major factor lies in the spectrum. High Noon light is rich in both blue and red light, which coincide with the absorption peaks of Chlorophyll A and B.

High Noon Spectrum VS sunset

Sunlight spectrum during midday (top) and at sunset (bottom)

The formula looks simple enough. While many are always trying to replicate sunlight in their grow lights, few have managed to optimize the most powerful and strongest HIGH NOON like Medic Grow did.

How Medic Grow Achieves High Noon?

  • First, Medic Grow lights have higher PPF output, and hence higher PPFD

Medic Grow High Noon Light PPF VS Light

For the same coverage, Medic Grow High Noon lights shows a remarkably higher PPF than regular quantum board lights (by 15% - 26%). The higher PPF guarantees higher light intensity, resulting in a significant increase in yield. And this also result in the the higher PPFD of ≥2000 mol·m−2·s−1

  • Secondly, Medic Grow optimized the spectrum to further boost the yield. The V1 Spectrum, like real life high noon, is abundant in blue and red light to maximize the efficiency of Chlorophyll A and B.

Optimized HIGH NOON Spectrum

The emphasis on blue and red light, however, has caused many to slack off on other wavelengths on the spectrum or even neglect them altogether. Medic Grow has dialed them up to supply sufficient lighting to key photo-receptors and pigments other than Chlorophyll A and B.


As a result, Medic Grow HIGH NOON Lights will facilitate rapid growth and complete development during all stages of plant growth from germinating, clones/cuttings, mothers, vegetative to flowering.

And it is best for cannabis etc which required higher and higher light intensity.