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Our LED grow lights are designed to meet the needs of commercial and personal growers alike to replace 1000 watt HPS. We know that massive power consumption, bulb replacements and heat output are three main problems our customers face. Medic Grow LED grow lights are born to solve these issues.

We carry the best indoor garden LED grow lights available on the market. All the lights are dimmable and we have developed fully customized spectrum options to suit the needs of growers. M1 is so far the most popular spectrum which perfectly fits plants' entire stage of growth, from seedling to flowering.

Basically, X-craft is the best LED grow lights for 4X4 grow tent. Fold-8 and Ez-6 are both able to suit industrial and individual usage. Every grow light in this collection has been engineered with high intensity in mind and is field-tested and proven to work under the severe conditions.

We stand behind our products. All USA orders will be delivered door to door free of charge with 3 year standard warranty. Our amazing customer service team will response anytime you have inquires in terms of the lights or any plants growing advice.