learn the importance of adding co2 for grow tent
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Learn the Importance of Adding CO2 for Grow Tent

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an essential companion for plants when it comes to indoor growing with grow light. Unlike outdoor growing, indoor plants don't have many natural minerals available to feed.

They achieve and feed everything to plants artificially in grow tents. But CO2 for grow tents can be a big concern for indoor growers. You are wondering If there's a way of feeding CO2 artificially? Or is it possible?

Yes, It is! All you need is to follow our instructions. Because in this article, we'll discuss the benefits of CO2 and how to add CO2 to your grow tent?

Before diving deep, let's get to know something about carbon dioxide. Why is carbon dioxide an essential element for plants, or why should we have to create natural CO2 for grow tents?

What is Carbon Dioxide (CO2)?

Carbon Dioxide is a gas (colorless) produced by the decaying process of organic matter. It can also be made by burning wood, coal, and animal waste.

A significant amount of exposure to CO2 on humans and animals can become more dangerous. On the other hand, plants achieve benefits from CO2.

Why is that?

As humans, we breathe Oxygen O2 and breathe out carbon dioxide CO2. But the breathing process of plants is entirely different from us.

They breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen, the reason for our breathing. Just imagine how you tackle CO2 if green doesn't exist on this planet? Our planet is perfectly balanced for everything living on it.

co2 for plants

Image Source: arts2science.wordpress.com

Water, light, and CO2 are necessary for every plant to process photosynthesis. As you all know, plants can't survive without photosynthesis. Even if they somehow survive, they won't be able to get healthier, and soon, they'll die.

This is just one benefit of carbon dioxide; there are plenty more we'll discuss further in detail.

Benefits of Adding CO2 for Grow Tent

Although there are many benefits of adding CO2 for grow tent, the main advantage is that it increases the yield ratio up to 30%.

Apart from the increased yield ratio, some other benefits should not be neglected. Some other benefits achieved by adding CO2 for grow tent are as follows:

1. Robust Plants:

As soon your indoor plants are exposed to CO2, you'll witness more strength and thicker branches of your plants. In this way, they will be able to survive against pest and molds attacks.

co2 benefits for plants

2. Rapid Outcome:

CO2 increases the yield ratio, so the outcome as well. Yes, by applying a CO2 system for grow tent, you can shorter the growth cycle of the plant. In this way, you can achieve an early harvest before the proper harvesting time.

3. Ability to Withstand in High Temperature:

As soon your plants soak up the CO2, it starts to give protection in high temperatures.

4. More Promising Results with High-Intensity Lights:

Many indoor growers think adding extra CO2 could be costly because they require high-intensity grow lights to absorb the carbon dioxide.

They don't even know how LED grow lights can increase growth and production. In fact, the consumption of LED grow lights is less than your imagination. Adding LED grow and CO2 system for grow tent will produce a good result of your investment.

When Should You Add CO2?

Well, you can add CO2 to your grow tents whenever you like. It's beneficial at any stage of the plant's growth cycle. It depends on you and the type of harvest you are growing inside your grow tent. Most growers believe CO2 benefits the most when your crop is in the flowering phase.

You can use CO2 in excess quantity in the following phases:

Vegetative Phase:

This is the phase where your plants steady themselves for sound production. And here, you can plan your cultivation for rapid production or harvest.

We’ve already mentioned above the immediate outcome. The stronger the plants, the less time it will take to harvest.

Flowering Phase:

The flowering phase is the most critical phase of any cultivation. All the good and bad things come after this stage. If you’ve done enough care at this stage, then you can hope for good results.

add co2 at flower stage

Two critical things need to be arranged at this stage; proper LED grow lights and CO2 in excessive amounts. CO2 + specialized LED grow lights are the secret recipe for an excellent harvest.

Remember that your plants need specialized LED grow lights to absorb CO2 and process photosynthesis at a higher rate. Without photosynthesis, there will be no growth and no flowers to bloom.

How to Add CO2 to your Grow Tent?

So far, we’ve discussed almost everything related to the importance of carbon dioxide for the green. We know you’re still wondering how to add CO2 to your grow tent. So, we’ve prepared this section for your guidance.

So, let’s get started.

Before we start, there are a few different ways to add CO2 for grow tent, depending on the environment, the total budget you want to spend, and which plant’s growth stage you wish to use more carbon dioxide.

By considering your requirements, the following are the three ways to add carbon dioxide to your grow tent;

  • Slow-Release Carbon Dioxide
  • LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)
  • Bottled CO2 Gas

All options come with their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you which method you want to choose to add CO2 for grow tent.

1. Slow-Release CO2:

This method is one of the easiest and budget-friendly methods of all. Fresh growers can easily use this method of slowly adding CO2 for grow tent.

All you have to do is just hang the bags of CO2 or bottles inside your growing area. That’s it; CO2 will steadily release from time to time. You don’t have to do anything, and it’ll release all the carbon dioxide all by itself.

co2 bag stup

Image Source: addloes.com

Many CO2 bags and Enhancer bottles are available at stores and even online. The good thing about these products is they are self-activated. Once you bring them inside you grow tent, then they’ll start leaking CO2. Zero waste of carbon dioxide!

Things to keep in mind while following this method:

  • The coverage of Enhancer bottles is up to 3.65m x 3.65
  • And the range of a single CO2 bag is for 4 to 6 plants
  • This method is only suitable for small grow tents.

Pros of Slow-Release CO2

  • Easy to place/install
  • Not heavy on the budget
  • Zero waste of carbon dioxide
  • No unrestrained heat or humidity

Cons of Slow-Release CO2

  • Since its self-activated, it takes time to start releasing CO2
  • Only small grow tents can make good use of it

2. LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)

Once, LPG cylinders were a must kitchen household product. Still, many people are using it for cooking purposes. This gas can also be used to add CO2 for grow tent.

By burning LPG, you can obtain a pure form of CO2. But this can be very dangerous and pretty much costly.

When you burn LPG, you generate a lot of heat and humidity in your growing area. For some stages, heat and moisture may not harm your plants. But in the flowering stage, I’ll become poison for your plants. You will have to remove the LPG generator from your growing area.

Pros of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)

  • More effective as compared to bottled CO2
  • LPG gas is easily accessible
  • Suitable for the Vegetative stage
  • Start producing CO2 when required

Cons of LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)

  • Pretty much expensive
  • Required some extra space
  • Not effective in flowering stages

3. Bottled CO2 Gas

You are thinking, what is the difference between “Enhancer CO2 bottles” and “Bottled CO2 Gas”?

Well, the purpose of both is the same, but the functionality is different.

Enhancer CO2 bottles are self-activated, which takes time to activate on its own. Whereas the controller controls bottled CO2 gas, you can activate it according to your need. If you seek the alternative of enhancers and carbon dioxide bags, this is a good product within everyone’s reach.

bottled co2 gas

Image Source: adamsgas.co.uk

Pros of Bottled CO2 Gas

  • Lower cost
  • Use it on your plants whenever you need
  • Controlled by controllers
  • Can be refill

Cons of Bottled CO2 Gas

  • Consume more gas than LPG

Well, that’s it! This is how you can obtain many benefits by adding CO2 for a grow tent.

The summary concluded that whenever and which method you use to feed carbon dioxide to your plants is always beneficial. It’s all up to you which way suits your need and style of harvesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does CO2 really increase yield?

In short, yes, CO2 helps increase the ratio yield up to 30%. Adding more CO2 with specialized LED grow lights can enhance the photosynthesis process. During photosynthesis, the plants get energy from sunlight and give more strength to plants.

2. Do CO2 bags work in grow tents?

Carbon dioxide bags are only designed for indoor growing or gardening. Since they are self-activated, they activate by own within a week.

3. At what time should I add CO2?

There is no specific time of adding CO2 in grow tent. But you can follow good practices by adding it an hour before your LED grow lights are turned on. This gives a booster dose to your plants.

4. Can you add too much CO2?

Adding too much carbon dioxide can be dangerous to yourself, not your plants. If you inhale too much CO2, it can cause severe or life-threatening symptoms.

5. Does CO2 increase humidity?

Yes, adding too much CO2 can lead to humidity. It’s harmless until the flowering stage. As soon as the flowering stage/phase comes, the chances of pest mold attacks increase due to high humidity.

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