Growing Tips for Cannabis Seeds

"Growing marijuana is not difficult," but producing high-quality cannabis with the specific characteristics that consumers desire can be incredibly difficult, and not many people know how to do that. Strong, healthy plants are the best type to grow if you want to get good buds and large yields. All these can be easily achieved if you know which cannabis seed to use for your planting.

Understanding the various marijuana seed varieties and how to select the finest ones for your intended growth is crucial if you want to grow  cannabis with quality and high yields. In the world of cannabis, it's safe to say that not all seeds are created equal, and some would give you better yields than others. As a result, in this article, we will delve into the different growing tips for cannabis seeds.

Is Cannabis an Easy Plant to Grow?

Generally, growing cannabis is not difficult. After all, "weed" is one of its most well-known names. But whether you are growing pot plants for your stash or selling them at your business, taking a little extra care can pay off many times over if you want to grow robust plants that produce the tastiest buds.

How to Select Marijuana Seeds

There are several things to consider while choosing the best seeds for you to ensure your success. It all comes down to what you need, want, and already have (space, energy, etc.).

How and Where Will You Grow?

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There are a few fast strategies to reduce your options before choosing your seeds. First, consider where and how you will cultivate your cannabis. Do you grow indoors or outside, then? If so, what's the weather like? Which would you prefer, hydro or soil? Do you have any knowledge of cultivating or training cannabis plants?

You can get the ideal strain for your operation by using the information in all these questions. Naturally, whether you're growing indoors or outdoors, the amount of space you have will play a significant role in the specimen you choose.

Create A Wish List of The Things You Want in A Strain.

What would your ideal cannabis look like? Is it a little more enjoyable to think about? Do you want a strain to inspire enjoyable future activities or to provide relief from certain symptoms? Do you prefer to unwind on the couch, or do you like an energizing buzz? The flavor is another thing to think about; do you prefer fruity strains or something more dank and spicy? This list helps you know what to look for when selecting your seeds.

Check the Seed Descriptions!

To ensure that you know exactly what you're getting, it is advised to always check the cannabis seeds for useful information. In this way, you can determine a strain's potential effects and flavor as well as its ease of cultivation, potential yields, and length of time until harvest.

-Things to Think About When Choosing Your Cannabis Seeds

  1. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid
  2. Medical or Recreational Cannabis
  3. Feminized, Auto-Flowering, Regular Photoperiod
  4. Climate
  5. Easy and Advanced
  6. Price.

Major Types of Marijuana Seed (Feminized, Regular, And Auto-Flowering)

  1. Auto-flowering Seeds: Auto-flowering seeds produce plants that flower without the need for a change in the light cycle. Because of its quick growth and lower maintenance requirements, this seed variety is suggested for novice growers. Also known for its resilience, auto-flowering has strong genetics. They will therefore be able to withstand mold and insect infestations while growing in your backyard. Reduced daylight requirements make scheduling easier for plant owners.
  1. Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Feminized cannabis seeds only produce female, flowering cannabis plants. These female plants are best for producers looking for extremely concentrated cannabis, as stated previously. Instead of reproducing, unfertilized females will use their energy to create the potent cannabinoids known as Sensimilla. These sticky buds, which are normally found in stores, are potent cannabis forms.
  1. Regular Seeds: Regular seeds are produced by a male and a female together. So, until flowering starts, you won't know the gender of your plant. You must separate the male and female seeds if your goal is to produce high-quality buds that contain cannabinoids.

Gender segregation hinders seed formation and pollination, which remarkably spreads from 3 to 3.75 kilometers. Due to their inability to generate cannabinoid-producing blooms, male plants are often eliminated. The lack of cannabinoids makes the final product generally unappealing to consumers. They produce both genders and are genetically unaltered, making it possible to create fresh seeds.

Best Marijuana Seeds

  1. Girl Scout Cookies - Best marijuana seeds overall
  2. Widow -excellent for growing outdoors.
  3. Jack Herer Fast - Flowers in just 6-7 weeks
  4. Super Silver Haze - Potent Sativa seeds
  5. Lambs Breath - Bob Marley’s "favorite" strain
  6. Skywalker OG - High 23% THC content
  7. Banana Kush - Great Kush seeds
  8. Durban Poison - Awesome regular seeds for breeding
  9. Super Skunk - Great beginner strains
  10. Critical Mass - 5% CBD level good for medical use

How Much do Marijuana Seeds Cost?

Cannabis seeds are priced differently depending on factors such as genetics, the quantity of seeds, breeder, potency, and trends. However, seed prices can range from a few dollars to more than $100 per seed. You can also snag cheap cannabis seeds at some awesome seed banks.

Factors Influencing Marijuana Seed Prices

Understanding the factors that influence cannabis seed prices can help you find the best deal when you want to buy your cannabis seeds.

  1. Genetics

Quality genetics can command a premium over other varieties. Even so, if you buy from a reputable seed bank or breeder, you can get high-quality seeds at a reasonable price. High-quality seeds are more expensive because the breeder has worked for years to create a stable, flavorful, and aromatic strain. 

  1. The Demand and Supply

Supply and demand also have an impact on cannabis seed prices. Prices may rise if a particular strain is in high demand or has a limited supply. Likewise, cannabis market trends can influence which seeds command a premium.

  1. The concentration of Cannabinoids

Seeds with higher THC concentrations typically cost more than seeds with lower THC concentrations. Another popular cannabinoid that influences seed prices is cannabidiol (CBD). High CBD concentrations cost more than low CBD concentrations.

  1. The costs of Production

The amount of money, time, and labor spent on each seed determines its cost. Regular seeds, for example, are less expensive because they do not necessitate extensive breeding as is needed to produce a stable feminized, or auto-flowering seed. These seed types are more costly.

How long does cannabis take to yield?

In general, the growth of a weed plant from germinating cannabis seeds to harvesting takes somewhere between 10 and 32 weeks or roughly 3 to 8 months. Starting with a clone or an auto-flower seed will expedite the process. The vegetative stage, which comes after the seedling stage but before flowering, is when a marijuana plant's growth is most variable.

In the past, growers have identified four distinct stages in the cannabis plant's life cycle before harvest:

  • Germination: 1-14 days
  • Seedling: 2–3 weeks
  • Vegetation: 2-8 weeks
  • Flowering:8-10 weeks

However, if you begin with clones rather than seeds, you could skip the germination and seedling phases. We'll start by assuming you have a batch of healthy, feminized seeds for this overview. Additionally, it is assumed that the seed you have chosen is photoperiod sensitive, which means that the amount of light the plant receives affects it when it blooms.

When cultivating weeds inside, you can force them to flower after just a few weeks for small plants and after several weeks for larger ones. When growing outside, you are subject to the whims of the seasons and must wait until the sun begins to set in the fall before harvesting.

If you use the highest yielding LED grow light [such as Smart-8] the plant will grow up more stable and yields more marijuana. For instance, the Osram top bin LEDs and premium Sosen drivers used in the LED grow lamp Smart-8 760 watt produce a full-spectrum light source that is perfect for the vegetative and floral phases of plant growth. They are also great for germinating cannabis seeds. It casts an area up to 5'x5' in blossom and covers every stage of growth from vegetative to flowering.

With a remarkable PPF of 2136 μmol/s and photon effectiveness of 2.8 μmol/J, it can also uniformly distribute the whole light spectrum to your plants, giving them everything they need to grow large and produce more.


The aforementioned advice should make it evident how thoughtful seed selection and pre-planting growth can enhance cultivation when it comes to growing cannabis. As a result, you should constantly use high-quality seeds to boost your yield and acquire superior crop production.