how far should led grow lights be from plants
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LED Grow Light Distance Chart: How Far Should LED Grow Lights be from Plants?(2024 version)

When it comes to growing indoor plants, more and more people are choosing LED lighting over traditional options such as fluorescent or HID lighting. Now, the most common question is this: how far should LED grow lights be from plants? And that’s what we’re going to be answering today.

When you’re trying to determine how far should you hang your LED grow lights, there are two factors to consider: the plant and the light. There are many types of LED grow lights available and since the plants go through many different stages, which means they will have different needs and requirements along the way.

how far should led lights be from plants

The General Rule

The general rule for the placement of LED grow lights is that it should be 18 to 42 inches above your plants. However, this general rule is only to give you an idea. The distance will actually depend on the type of LED grow lights you’ve decided to purchase. For example, LED lights of 1000 watts are recommended to be placed 36 inches away from the plants.

The lights can be lowered to 24 inches during the vegetative stage of the plant, and to 18 inches during the blooming or flowering stages. This is why it’s so important to consider the type of light you’re using and the stage your plant is going through. Plants have different needs during different stages, so you need to be aware of that and make changes to the distance of the LED grow lights as you go along.

Pay Attention to the Manufacturer’s Recommendations


No matter what kind of LED grow light you purchase for your plants, the best thing you can do is follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. They’ve designed the LED lights to cover a certain area, so they will need to be installed at a certain height. Some LEDs are wider, which means they need to be hung closer to the plants because the light is more spread out and less intense. Other LEDs have a more focused angle, which means the light will fall more intensely on the plants.

If your LED grow light has a fixed power level and you’re not able to dim it, the only way to adjust the intensity is to raise or lower the light as necessary. But if you can dim your LED grow light, then you can set it up at whatever position you want and control the intensity of the light with the controller.

If It’s Too Hot for You, It’s Too Hot for the Plants

Because LED grow lights are available in such different intensities and wavelengths, following the manufacturer’s recommendations is key. However, there’s an easy way to check if your LED light is being kind on your plants or not. Simply place your hand under the light once you’ve installed it! If your skin can’t bear the heat, then the intensity is at a dangerous level for your plants. This is a great way to tell if you need to make adjustments to the distance!

The chart below shows how the distance between the lights & plants needs to be adjusted based on the wattage of your lights:

The chart of the distance between the lights & plants ( recommend guide)

led grow light distance chart

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