Things You Should Know About Growing Cannabis in Winter

Many producers believe it is hard to grow marijuana in the winter because it is too cold and too cloudy, yet these claims are somewhat inaccurate. If your growing operation is maintained under proper conditions, you can grow cannabis over the winter. This entails having a thorough understanding of how light and humidity affect cannabis.

To be successful, your crops will require a little extra tender loving care and attention. You can grow cannabis all year round if you follow the steps outlined in this post. Let’s delve into and explore tips to growing marijuana during the winter.

How Temperature Affects Marijuana Plants


The amount of evaporation, in combination with external light and temperature, determines a plant's temperature. As a specific measure of health, ideal grow room temperatures are more than just what your grow room's thermometer reads.

Although too much heat normally doesn't cause marijuana plants to die, it can slow down their growth. High outside temperatures (over 80 degrees) during flowering will hinder bud growth and lessen their strength and smell. Make sure the grow tent lighting and the outside temperature are kept under control during the flowering stage if you're interested in growing buds with a lot of cannabinoids.

Although cannabis is a rather hardy plant, the cold weather has the power to destroy your plants and spoil your winter crop. Your roots' health and growth will be negatively impacted by soil temperatures below 16°C, which will also have an impact on the health of the entire plant. Cannabis can withstand cooler temperatures above the soil, but frost will destroy even the healthiest plants.

Your buds' quality should be enough of a concern, as stressed plants are generally a result of high temperatures. For proper and healthy marijuana development, it is best to keep an eye on the temperature and maintain it at a normal level.

How to Accurately Monitor The Temperature In A Grow Room


To get the average daily temperature, it is important to often measure all temperatures, whether they are taken automatically or by hand. Fortunately, there are steps that growers can take to ensure they are making the most accurate measurements possible.

Growers should take caution when situating their thermometer or sensor for precise air temperature measurements. It's crucial to keep the sensor away from growing lights and direct sunlight because these factors can impair the accuracy of the data. According to several LED grow light reviews, general spectrum growth can be achieved by using high-quality lights that come with lighting adjustable features when you monitor the temperature in a grow room.

Additionally, growers should keep sensors away from any heating or cooling apparatus that can also interfere with data. Sensors and thermometers should be level with the top of the plant canopy for the most accurate temperature readings.

A thermocouple or temperature probe can be used to measure the temperature of the soil and other growing media, and growers should measure the media between 2 and 4 inches below the surface. On the other hand, infrared sensors should be used to measure the temperatures of the plants and their leaves. These instruments should be placed close to the crop, with the sensor pointed directly at the plant canopy rather than at benches, floors, or other surfaces in the growing area, to get the most accurate readings.

However, an answer to this is a monitoring system. You'll be able to react if there are any issues by monitoring all of these variables in real time. For instance, you should turn off any heaters and indoor plant lights for winter if the temperature is too high. Some monitoring devices even include built-in controllers to ensure that your air is automatically maintained.

Can You Grow Cannabis Outdoors in Winter?

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No. Growing cannabis outdoors in the winter is not advised unless you live in a region with exceptionally mild winters and little rainfall because you'll most likely get sickly plants and/or subpar harvests. Follow these guidelines to keep your outdoor plants healthy and achieve the best results if you decide to try your hand at maintaining a large number of them over the winter:

You should know that you can achieve more by using a Planter with grow light. A planter with grow light is a type of indoor gardening system that uses a combination of planters and grow lights to provide plants with the light they need to grow. These are mostly vertical grow lights and are excellent indoor plant lights for winter. The planters are designed to hold the soil and plants, while the grow lights provide the necessary energy for photosynthesis. The lights can be adjusted to provide the right amount of light for the particular plant being grown.

Should We Leave Marijuana Outdoors or Should We Take It Indoors?

Indoor growing allows you to regulate your environment, including temperature, a light source like the grow light bar, CO2 levels, vertical grow lights, and humidity, without having to worry about weather. Indoor cannabis growing produces more bloom and higher THC concentrations.

And cost matters. Outdoor farming demands significantly less investment. Low-value land might offset a smaller crop or a shorter season. Free sunlight and free soil are more than just pennies saved, but growers are vulnerable to natural risks, said Rosenthal, who now works as a consultant. "It goes both ways outdoors."

With developments in outdoor farming, a lot of the negatives can be mitigated no matter where you live. Additionally, no light bulb can provide a spectrum as wide as the sun. Some claim that while outdoor flowers may not have the same aesthetic appeal as indoor flowers, they have superior flavor, effects, and perfume.

Other Common Questions

What should you do if the temperature drops below the light level while growing cannabis?

Check the environment for any drafts, check the temperature of the lights, and adjust the temperature if necessary.

What temperature difference is ideal for cannabis cultivation?

The ideal temperature difference for cannabis cultivation is between 68-77°F (20-25°C) during the day and 58-64°F (14-18°C) at night.

How much cold is cannabis roots tolerant of?

Cannabis roots can withstand temperatures as low as 40 °F (4 °C).

Which strains grow best in the winter?

Strains that do well in the winter include White Widow, Northern Lights, and Blue Dream. If you are thinking of growing marijuana in the winter, it would be best if you chose any of these strains.

In which regions does India thrive?

India thrives in tropical and subtropical regions.

How cold is it outside for cannabis plants?

The outside temperature for cannabis plants should remain above 40 °F (4 °C) for optimal growth.